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By Nicolas

Back story: James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are reunited once again in the live action production of “Maiden Rose” yaoi manga. 

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Movie:  McAvoy and Fassbender portray two soldiers from warring countries that are bound by a pledge as master and servant when they first met as children. Lord Henry Churchill (McAvoy) is a Commander of sublime beauty, shouldering the fate of his nation. “Mad Dog” Klaus (Fassbender) of rough temperament has sworn his loyalty to him as a knight. Despite this, those around them are cold and disapproving, full of various misgivings of their relationship. Can a German be trusted to fight against his motherland? For all their genuine feelings, what will come of love made cruel by the violence of war?

Directed: by Shame and Hunger fame,  Steve McQueen - it promises an unabashed look into the brutality of war and the no-holds bar sexuality of two men bound by love, lust and longing. (In Production – filmed in England and Germany)

Rating: NC-17, this story will contain some yaoi manga scenes that are extremely graphic in nature and intended for yaoi fans only. Story will contain m/m and possible m/f, violence and non-con sex too. Those of you who read Maiden Rose know what I’m talking about it too.

Characters: Michael Fassbender/ James McAvoy, Klaus/Henry (movie characters in the story)

Feedback: that would be nice if you like the story (or hate it)




Part One

The Break Room

“What do you think about this cast?” Matthew Schwartz was there to oversee the movie for Universal Pictures. This was a combined effort with Weinstein’s group. They had a success with Inglorious Basterds together and took the chance once again with another “war” film. They even get to dress up and play extras on the film – it will impress his wife and kids which is good since his real job doesn’t.

“I think the fact that Fassbender signed up was a fucking godsend. But can he say no to McQueen? That fucking guy made him. He’s a bit strange. There’s no doubt of that; maybe a bit of a boozer. But then when you make movies as fucked up as he does – drinking probably helps with “getting in character”. Danny picked up bottled water and took a drink shaking his head slightly. 

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Matt put his hands together on the table and furrowed his brow. He looked over at Danny from Weinstein’s. “What do you think of James McAvoy? He still looks so young. Granted that helps with the flashback scenes between Klaus and Henry but he’s not really a “tough” looking guy. I told Steve that we had reservations about his ability to play this tough masculine commander of British soldiers. No offense to James but…”

Danny frowned. “Fassbender and McQueen were both adamant about it being McAvoy. The script does call for Henry’s character to be handsome…excuse me….beautiful and delicate looking but tough and commanding. We had recommended Cavill or maybe even Hemsworth – but Steve said they were definitely not physically right for the part.”

“If Steve doesn’t edit the script – this movie will end up NC-17 – and that is the only battle I’m told I will have to fight. We already have distributors lined up for this movie as well as entering it into Cannes and Venice festivals. It’s a war movie – so we are willing to go a hard R rating for it – but we can’t afford an NC-17 with this type of budget riding on the film.” Matt started fidgeting and nervously bouncing his leg. “Anyway…I don’t see McAvoy agreeing to film some of those scenes. Fassbender is different. I think that guy doesn’t shy away from anything – especially not…”

Danny raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “Sounds like you been reading TMZ or Perez Hilton again. Fassbender is non-stop with women from what I hear around the parties. Now as for McAvoy, now those are different sort of rumors, come on now – he’s 30 years old, unmarried, his last girlfriend the actress was almost 10 years his senior. Some say that was actually a bit of arrangement on their part too. They are the best of friends and that is why they had that baby together. He calls himself a “homebody” – seems to be a new code for “closeted” these days. I think that American actor; Wentworth Miller uses the same code word too.

“He’s not a shy guy…” Matt looked around the room. It was a VIP break room for production people, director and possibly Fassbender and McAvoy.  “He seemed quite eager to make this film. Smiling and laughing with Fassbender all the time. Granted, it was said they had become the best of friends during X-Men. When he’s hanging with Fassbender; McAvoy is smoking, drinking and telling the raunchiest jokes. When we sat down with him to sign his contract –he looked skittish and cheeks blushed when we told him how much we were going to pay him. But we are talking actors and who the bloody hell is ever going to understand them? Not us…we just pay them to make us money.”


The Bedroom Scene

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James closed his eyes. He was trying hard to concentrate on Steve’s direction during the scene. But knew he lost it the moment that Fassbender started to move his hand down the front of his pants. Lucky for him he didn’t need to speak any lines during his scene. But even with his eyes closed he could feel how close Steve and the camera were standing near him and his body as it writhed on the bed.

“All right James…now if you can come for me but remember – I want it to look like you’re holding back.  This is the first time you’ve been touched…”

James heard the direction and nodded but never opened his eyes. He could feel Michael’s warm hand against his pelvis and so close his cock. Suddenly he felt Michael’s fingers move ever so slightly up and down against his skin. Blushing and turning his head to the side, within a few seconds he scrunched up his face and started to his faux orgasm.

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“And cut. That was fantastic. I will give you boys a chance to take a breath and put yourselves together.” Steve motioned to the camera guy to back away too. Their robes were nearby on a chair.

Fassbender looked over at James who still had his eyes closed. “Come on now - that wasn’t so bad was it James? You did great and let’s face it; this is my first time doing this on film too. Come on now mate...”

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Michael was shocked when James opened his arms again for another hug. The look of his friend’s face was indiscernible. But Michael was an affectionate person by nature. Michael hugged James back hard until the other man finally let go. He smiled before jumping out of the bed. He was glad that Steve and the cameraman were ignoring them. “Come on James- you know I’m addicted to nicotine. I need a cigarette now!”

James smiled and nodded. “Ok, but I think I’m going to just go change and head back to my trailer. I think we’re done for the day but I better make sure I pick up tomorrow’s script. See you later.”

As they walked out of toward their trailers, James suddenly stopped. He was looking at the sunset with a sad face. “Michael I’m sorry.

Fassbender was rubbing his face with a towel. They were both still pretty wet from that previous scene in front of the blooming flowers where his character Klaus had finally gotten the nerve to ask Henry if they could go to bed together. “What about James…?” 

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“Sure enough Michael…and let’s face it this is only a movie. It is only make- believe.” James said sadly and wrapped his arms around himself headed toward his trailer.



Author’s note: I haven’t written in a few years. However, boredom and Tumblr have forced me to get creative again. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are actors however because I plan to “fiddle” with their so – called lives, I consider them as fictional as the story I write. But whatever, I guess this is also considered RPF. James McAvoy in this story never married Anne-Marie but they dated and had a child together and only 30 years old. Michael Fassbender is Academy Award winner in this story and still Irish/German and super sexy. I actually don’t know much about either of those actors real life; I’m not that fanatical about them. But that means I will make stuff up instead. Which is better I think. Of course the story has a movie production in the middle of it – a live action remake of the fantastic manga “Maiden Rose”. I absolutely recommend folks to read it and those interested in it can ask me and I will put up the link so you can download what I have so far. Part two is coming soon…